Academy of Gallo

  Ben du haet od l'Académiy du Galo !       Welcome to the Academy of Gallo!

December 1st, 2017 :     The Carrouje evolves and opens the conversation even further!

    One year ago, the Academy of Gallo launched the Carrouje to offer a forum dedicated to Gallo.

    Today, the Carrouje evolves for a wider accessibility in particular with a "Guest" access. If Gallo is the natural, privileged language of the Carrouje, English will obviously be read, and answered, with pleasure!

    Don't you know the Carrouje yet? Then have a look now, either in "Guest" mode or obtain your online access code.

November 13rd, 2017:    The Little Library adds a topic to its already-rich list: the History of Brittany!

    If some great men in History are remembered as the founders of new religions, the life and works of the Cistercian monk Dom Alexis Presse are just as exceptional: he didn't found a religion but revived the Celtic culture from his abbey in Boquen, in Brittany.

    The History of Brittany is not widely taught, and after a period of fame throughout Europe, his heritage was slowly forgotten. So it is only fair that the Academy contributes to revive his memory and give him the credit he deserves.

     Discover, in Gallo (with help in English!) Dom Alexis's commitment to Breton life and his various hats of a builder-monk, reformer, druid and fully committed to his time. An exceptional man.

October 23rd, 2017:    The Little Library of the Academy starts a new project : webcomics

    We decided to participate to the fabulous multilingual webcomic: "Pepper & Carrot". A 100% open-source project created by the French digital artist David Revoy, Pepper & Carrot has already been translated into 39 languages: it was about time to add Gallo to the list!

    This webcomics tells the life of the young witch Pepper and her orange cat Carrot in the magical world of Hereva. She tries her best to learn magic, but things don't always go as planned...

     Come back every week to discover a new episode of Pepper & Carrot in Gallo!

September 25th, 2017 :    The Academy of Gallo just blew its first candle but we don't slow down!
     We have many more ideas to give gallo more visibility and a modern vocabulary! We also found the time for a little article in the Ouest-France newspaper.

    More than anything else: thank you all, in Brittany or anywhere in the world, for supporting the Academy and supporting the Gallo. Our language needs you!

September 11th, 2017 :    Already September! We made the most of the summer and added new words and even more verbs in our dictionary.
     Come and make an exact or approximate search here.

     As always, our forum, the Carrouje, is here for you if you don't find your word: don't hesitate to ask your question!

August 02nd, 2017 :    Middle of the summer... A perfect time to revise your Gallo with the School of Gallo!
    To improve your oral understand skills, try our new quiz about colours: one question per colour, but we help you big time with 3 different hints (sound, picture and text). No excuse!
          Have a fun quiz!

July 10th, 2017 :    Beyond the Moon, always further in Gallo!
    The human adventure in space can hardly be summed up in a couple of pages. But we're trying. Today we're taking further, to Mars and the solar system. The private companies start their own ventures in space and who knows, will maybe open new horizons for mankind one day ?

    As in the first part, and for all the texts we will write from now on, this one comes with its audio version. You can read, listen to and tweet our text!

June 26th, 2017 :    Conquer space in Gallo!
    As always, our motto is that all languages, national and regional, have the same potential to talk about every day life: the life of yesterday, of today and of tomorrow. Today we would life to offer a beautiful and exciting page of our human history: the space adventure!
     This first part goes from the very start of aeronautics until the first landing on the Moon in 1969.

    And... a new new feature to help you with the sounds of Gallo: this text comes with an audio version!

June 12th, 2017 :    The School of Gallo (french version) too offers more and more!
    A language is not only to be spoken, but also read, written and heard : an audio version of all the sentences of our lessons is now available. The training (at the end of each lesson or in the Training section) will help you revising words and expressions.

        Click here to get it.

    And of course, all the lessons are free as always and forever!

June 02nd, 2017 :    L'École du Gallo opens an English version, the School of Gallo!
    Our lessons are now translated in English so that curious minds and language passionates who don't read French can also gain an insight into the beauty and the subtleties of Gallo.

    Click here to get it.

    And of course, all the lessons are free as always and forever!

May 26th, 2017 :    The Swiftkey Gallo keyboard is now available on iTunes
     That's good news for all the Apple users!

     Click here to get it.

     The others can still install it on their Android devices via the Google PlayStore.

May 18th, 2017 :    New radio interview of Patrik on Plum'FM
     On April 26th, the show "la caozerie du taran" presented the news in Haute-Bretagne.
    In the first part, our co-founder Patrik presents, in Gallo, our online Gallo-French-English dictionnary.

May 5th, 2017 :    Swiftkey and the Academy are happy to announce the very first predictive keyboard in Gallo for mobile devices!
    Thanks to a fruitful and passionate collaboration between Julien Baley from Swiftkey and the Academy, this keyboard offers the entire content of our Dictionary along with the conjugation of more than 5,700 verbs in the indicative, conditional and subjonctive modes!

    The word entry and prediction is seamless and just as natural as it would be for English, Breton or the 175 other languages already integrated in the keyboard.

    We simply cannot thank enough neither Julien for his personal and professional dedication to minority languages, nor the tech team at Swiftkey who developed the neuronal algorithm that allowed this quick and high-quality work.

    That's it, now you can email, text and tweet in Gallo, so go for it!

    Learn more about Julien Baley and Swiftkey here. To get the Gallo keyboard, it's on the Google PlayStore.
    For Apple mobile devices, we will soon inform you!

April 19th, 2017 :    Patrik's Interview
     Only 3 days after launching our Dictionary, the journalist Nolwenn Quioc from France Bleu Breizh Izel got in touch and discussed the Academy and the Dictionary with our co-founder Patrik.
     All that in Breton, you know, the other language of Brittany ? :)
Listen to the interview here from 5:43 onwards.

April 09th, 2017 :    Our Dictionary is already twice as big:
    Upon launching, on March 17th, the dictionary already had more than 5,600 entries in the Gallo/French section.
    Today more than 6,200 are included in the French/Gallo section, more than doubling the total number of entries!
    Come and search for an exact or approximate translation here.
    And, as always, should your search give any result, the Carrouje is your next port of call: the Gallo vocabulary is everyone's vocabulary, help us to enrich it and ask us what you need!

April 1st, 2017 :    What's the weather like, what's the time...
    What's the weather like, what's the time... this is definitely a universal topic for conversations and yet, one of the most complex to master in another language and another culture.

    The Academy of Gallo is here to help and wrote this new text that uses a lot of time-related vocabulary in context.
    No more excuses for being late in Gallo-speaking country... Happy reading!

March 17th, 2017 :    The Academy of Gallo now has its very own online multilingual dictionary!
    Based on our own works and on the lessons in the School of Gallo, we will enrich the dictionary weekly with new words and expressions, in a long-term effort to prove that like any other languages, ours too possess a very rich lexicon.

     We exploit this wealth of vocabulary in various ways: indeed, for the first time in Gallo, your search result can come up with synonyms, example of verb conjugation or notes.

     Our dictionary was designed to be multilingual and exists today in both French and English : come and make your first searches here !

     Of course, this is the start and it may be that your first search will not yield a result: like all the works of the Academy, this dictionary is a long term effort, 100% volunteer-based and not funded. If you don't find what you're looking for, ask us directly or ask the community on the Carrouje.

March 03rd, 2017 :     A season of voting will begin in France soon!
    We also talk about it in Gallo at the Academy in a new text.

    Discover (or refresh your memory on) the basics of the French 5th Republic, the separation of the three powers and the roles of the Regions in our Little Library.

             Happy reading!

February 21st, 2017 :     On UNESCO's International Mother Language Day,
     the Academy of Gallo chooses not to speak about Gallo, but to celebrate the world's linguistic diversity with a text from Patrik on Lingala!

    Lingala is a central African language spoken by about ten million people.

     Read about it in the Little Library and... enjoy the journey!

February 09th, 2017 :     The Academy of Gallo is honoured to add Gallo to the multilingual project directed by Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.

     Sabhal Mòr Ostaig is the College for Gaelic Language of the University of the Highlands and Islands.

    an old Irish joke is translated in as many languages as possible.
    Read and listen to our translation in our Little Library!

Jan 21st - Feb 21st 2017 :     The Academy of Gallo takes part in the Tweet in Your #MotherLanguage Challenge to celebrate UNESCO's International Mother Language Day.
    This Twitter initiative is coordinated by Rising Voices, Indigenous Tweets, Living Tongues and The Endangered Language Project and aims at giving a loud and proud voice to regional and minority languages like Gallo .

    During the whole month, let's tweet memes in and about Gallo, meet other minority languages speakers and let's discover that we're probably not a minority after all!

    Follow us on @AcademieDuGallo and take part too!

    Learn more here and there.

January 30th, 2017 :     The Academy of Gallo opens a new dialogue area.
    Like you, the Academy of Gallo fights for the recognition of Gallo in particular, and regional languages in general.

    You may have your own ideas, projects, opinions around Gallo or the language of your region, and we have projects that will only improve with your input: come and talk to us about it in our new dialogue area, or get in touch directly if you have something different in mind.
Talk to you soon!

January 12th, 2017 :     "Gallo Geeks", and proud to be !

         Here at the Academy of Gallo, we love words and we love science: right brain, left brain... why choose since we have both?

    Our Little Library continues to touch on new topics and show that we can talk about everything in Gallo.
    Today we offer a little text about maths that dissects the basis of how a computer works. Don't panic, we even added an animation to help your children (and maybe their parents) understand how we can count with only two fingers.

    Read our new text here, and don't hesitate to ask your questions -on Gallo, maths or computing!- on the Carrouje!

January 05th, 2017 :     L'Academiy du Galo vouz souaete une bone aney ! / The Academy of Gallo wishes you an excellent year !
    To start 2017, we published two new linguistic index cards in "The Gallo Language".

    The website was recently updated to make room for our new spaces... Keep an eye here!

December 21th, 2016:      L'Academiy du Galo vouz souaete de passer dez feytes de bout de l'An oures d'aeze, délassantes e goulayantes, e vouz dit a l'aney perchaene !
     and published another text about Christmas in our Little Library.

December 6th, 2016 :         Have a look in our new resource in "The Gallo Language":
     we now have our very own Little Library!

    To start with, you will find 3 short texts to enrich your Gallo repertoire with modern vocabulary and picturesque expressions. Have fun!

November 27th, 2016 :     The Gallo Language section :
          New linguistic convergence index cards available in The Gallo Language section: you will find a summary on a few suffixes used in Gallo.

November 19th, 2016 :     The first Assises du Gallo (Conference for the Gallo) were organised by the Regional Council (Conseil regional de Bretagne) on Saturday 19th November in Rennes.
    Our co-founder Patrik was there to represent the Academy of Gallo and was awarded the Prize of the Gallo Speaker of the Year for his personal work on Gallo throughout the years.
    His speech is transcribed below, in Gallo of course!

From left to right: the Vice-President of the Regional Council Loïg Chesnais-Girard, our co-founder Patrik Deriano, the President of the Commission for Culture and Sports Kaourintine Hulaud, and member of the Assemble Nationale Paul Molac.

   Petit depllet faet par Patrik en prezentant son priz ao monde qi taent la :
"    C’ét 40 aneys d’ouvraije qi sont la-deden. Je me remets qe cant le permier Tintin a étae bani (Sus l’Ile Naire), du monde sonjaent qe ça taet pas possibl, qe dez Tintin pouaent pas étr tournae en galo. E pâmeins, je l‘om faet. Den lez aneys 80, j’avaes oui un enterbatant (militant) pour le galo conter q’une gramaere du galo, nouna, ça pouaet pas se faere, le galo taet trop prés du françaez. E pâmeins en 2005, une gramaere du galo a étae baniy e je n’n om memme deuz astoure.
    Maez je veuz pas regarder en arriere. Cant je marche, je regard ao devant de mai e je vais tout le cai qi rest a faere. E s’il n’n en rest !
    E je me sei memme dit lez journs-ci q’un Trump berton vouraet monter un mur entr la France e la Bertaegne, il araet ventiers pas pus fort de peine q’a remettr le galo ao roule, faere q’il seije normalizae e bani den dez journiaos ao tous-lez-jours.
    V’la pourqhi q’a étae montae l’Academiy du Galo depeis un coupl de mais e v’la pourqhi qe, depeis ouit journs, j’om un carrouje sus l‘empllac de l’Academiy eyou qe le monde peuvent s’entr échanjer e s’entr savair sus le galo.
    E si, aneit, od la Rejion, j’om le Carrouje pour un journ, sus l’Academiy du Galo, maezei, j’om le Carrouje pour tourjous."

November 16th, 2016 :      Our website already changes, have a look at our new version with a simplified navigation! The same content, organised differently : 
  • The news directly show on the Home page (here!)
  • «The Gallo Language» section will host progressively more news topics
  • A new section will host the current and future areas of the Academy: the School, the Carrouje (forum)...

November 10th, 2016 :     The Academy of Gallo launches its new project, called the Carrouje.

The Carrouje is a forum dedicated to Gallo, its speakers and all regional language passionates.
We want it to be "a crossroads of everyone's ideas", as our co-founder Patrik explains it in the introduction, where users will discuss and help each other on topics such as etymology, neologism or translation.

It is available in French and Gallo: just ask to get your login details.

October 16, 2016 :     The Academy of Gallo is one month old!

October 15, 2016 :     School of Gallo, a new available thematic dictionary

October 05, 2016 :     Listen to Patrik's radio interview on PLUM FM, where he explains the Academy of Gallo in Gallo and French !

(start: 12')

on PLUM FM website (new windows)

September 30th, 2016:     the Academy of Gallo is now a Twin Initiative of the Digital Language Diversity Project!

     The DLDP is a European Erasmus+ project whose mission is to "advance the sustainability of Europe’s regional and minority languages in the digital world". They are already assessing the digital fitness of 4 regional languages, including Breton: in the near future we hope to replicate this study together for Gallo.

September 27th, 2016:     the French TV channel France3 Bretagne presents the Academy of Gallo in its 19h news programme! Thank you E. Pinault for your encouragements and kind words!

(start: 10:30)

16-21 sectembr 2016 :     dés a démarrer, lez vizitouz de l’Academiy du Galo se branchent de toute la Terre ! Douze payz, la Gouadeloupe en pus (treize nacions !), aotant de langaijes e de qhultures qi sont enhaetaes od le galo etou. En vouz remerciant pour avair zunae e pour nouz apoyer e revenez nouz vair tourjous : notr empllac rasserrera du cai en galo e sus le galo regllèment.

September 16th-21st, 2016:      our visitors come from all around the world to visit the brand new Academy of Gallo! You come from 12 countries and Guadeloupe (13 nations!) and you represent as many languages and cultures also interested in Gallo. Thank you for your curiosity and your support! Remember to come back, our website will regularly feature new content and resources on and about Gallo.

September 16th, 2016:     official launch of the Academy of Gallo

August 5th, 2016:      the Academy of Gallo is on Twitter   

August 1st, 2016:     the website is launched

January-February 2016 :     the logo of the Academy of Gallo is created

January to July 2016:     the Academy of Gallo project comes to life