Academy of Gallo

  Ben du haet od l'Académiy du Galo !       Welcome to the Academy of Gallo!

March 25th, 2020 :    L'écrivaije corse : direct access to Le Carrouje

    Internet users have told us that direct access to a digital book in Le Carrouje is a bit long.

    We have taken their wishes into account and now all of these accesses are direct and open a new tab so that you can always benefit from the other Le Carrouje services.

    Although we've changed the two recent news items, here are the direct access for
     from Eric PATRIS
and from Timothy LEONCINI

    Good discovery of Corsican literature in Gallo!

March 23rd, 2020 :    L'écrivaije corse

    Today, we are pleased to introduce you to , a committed text by Eric PATRIS, a Corsican author with multiple talents.

    Although typically Corsican, everyone will be able to easily see the universal character of Eric PATRIS' short story.

    Good discovery of Corsican literature in Gallo!

March 09th, 2020 :    La paije tourney

    La paije tourney is enriched with a new extract from a world-famous work that we have just translated into Gallo.

    Today, we have chosen "Germinal", from Emile ZOLA, for its ever-present theme, the misery and revolt of the workers.

    Happy reading!

March 2nd, 2020 :    The site is constantly growing but remains fast!

    Soon four years and the site is constantly growing!

    In order to maintain the best possible throughput, especially on smartphones, we have lightened the news page by creating annual archives.

    We took this opportunity to handle the rare HTTP calls to external sites.

See the Carrouje for more information on the security of our site.

February 24th, 2020 :    Opening of "L'écrivaije corse"

    Following friendly exchanges with "Anima cappiata", we are pleased to offer you in Gallo some complete stories of today's Corsican literature.

    Translating a work of art into another language is a way of valuing two languages and two cultures at the same time. This is why the Corsican authors we contacted - who already have books published - all gave us their agreement to translate into Gallo.
    In order to allow each author to follow our work in translating their short stories, we have set up a dedicated space, "Spartimentu Corsu-Galo" within the Carrouje.

    Today, we have the pleasure to make you discover , a strong text by Timothy LEONCINI, a very young Corsican author.

    Good discovery of Corsican literature in Gallo!

February 10th, 2020 :    Opening of "La paije tourney"

    Translating a world-famous work means both enriching the reading offer and enhancing the value of the language of translation, especially if it is a minority language!

    So we decided to go after the big ones! Come and discover our translations of a few pages of famous authors such as Jack Kerouac, Emile Zola and many others.

    Today, we take you "Sus lez Routes" with us and Jack Kerouac: go to our Little library and ...

    Happy read!

January 27th, 2020 :    The 28th episode of Pepper & Carrot is online.

    The adventures of the young witch Pepper and her cat Carrot continue.

    Discover the new episode "Lez federalhes" in our little Library.

    Happy reading!

January 13th, 2020 :    To help you write Gallo well

    The danger of writing a language as it is spoken is to make it evolve, through creolization, into a new language.
    For a predominantly oral language, the phenomenon can be fatal to the survival of the language if the number of speakers is declining.

    So let's not let Gallo literature become incomprehensible not only to future generations but also to us Gallo speakers!

    To help you, we have prepared this short guide to help you write Gallo.

    Good fast appropriation!

January 06th, 2020 :    Here comes the Academy's Roadmap for 2020!

    The New Year is always the opportunity to take stock and update one's roadmap and ambitions.

    After a very full and enriching 2019, we are ready for 2020! We planned many projects and innovations, and we are giving you a sneak peek of what awaits... it's here!

    Happy New Year 2020 to you and all our minority languages!

January 1st, 2020 :     E v'la qe je crochom den la nouvelle aney !
                                  [Now, we start the new year!]

  J’om don de vouz souaeter :
La boune aney tertous
Du haet pour chaqe de vouz
A votr monde de la joey
De cai den votr boursey
E pour saqhun tout le temp
Le meilhour portement
San qe je laessom de côtae
Ça seraet tout coume pechae
Noz petits langaijes netou
Pour se recaopir ao bout.

    We wish you all an excellent year 2020, and that it witnesses the renewed pride of all minority languages and their speakers!