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December 21th, 2016:      L'Academiy du Galo vouz souaete de passer dez feytes de bout de l'An oures d'aeze, délassantes e goulayantes, e vouz dit a l'aney perchaene !

     and published another text about Christmas in our Little Library.

December 6th, 2016 :         Have a look in our new resource in "The Gallo Language":

we now have our very own Little Library!

    To start with, you will find 3 short texts to enrich your Gallo repertoire with modern vocabulary and picturesque expressions.

    Have fun!

November 27th, 2016 :     The Gallo Language section : Linguistic Cards

          New linguistic convergence index cards available in The Gallo Language section: you will find a summary on a few suffixes used in Gallo.

November 19th, 2016 :     Our co-founder Patrik was there to represent the Academy of Gallo and was awarded the Prize of the Gallo Speaker of the Year

    The first Assises du Gallo (Conference for the Gallo) were organised by the Regional Council (Conseil regional de Bretagne) on Saturday 19th November in Rennes: Our co-founder Patrik was there to represent the Academy of Gallo and was awarded the Prize of the Gallo Speaker of the Year for his personal work on Gallo throughout the years.

    His speech is transcribed below, in Gallo of course!

From left to right: the Vice-President of the Regional Council Loïg Chesnais-Girard, our co-founder Patrik Deriano, the President of the Commission for Culture and Sports Kaourintine Hulaud, and member of the Assemble Nationale Paul Molac.

   Petit depllet faet par Patrik en prezentant son priz ao monde qi taent la :

"    C’ét 40 aneys d’ouvraije qi sont la-deden. Je me remets qe cant le permier Tintin a étae bani (Sus l’Ile Naire), du monde sonjaent qe ça taet pas possibl, qe dez Tintin pouaent pas étr tournae en galo. E pâmeins, je l‘om faet. Den lez aneys 80, j’avaes oui un enterbatant (militant) pour le galo conter q’une gramaere du galo, nouna, ça pouaet pas se faere, le galo taet trop prés du françaez. E pâmeins en 2005, une gramaere du galo a étae baniy e je n’n om memme deuz astoure.
    Maez je veuz pas regarder en arriere. Cant je marche, je regard ao devant de mai e je vais tout le cai qi rest a faere. E s’il n’n en rest !
    E je me sei memme dit lez journs-ci q’un Trump berton vouraet monter un mur entr la France e la Bertaegne, il araet ventiers pas pus fort de peine q’a remettr le galo ao roule, faere q’il seije normalizae e bani den dez journiaos ao tous-lez-jours.
    V’la pourqhi q’a étae montae l’Academiy du Galo depeis un coupl de mais e v’la pourqhi qe, depeis ouit journs, j’om un carrouje sus l‘empllac de l’Academiy eyou qe le monde peuvent s’entr échanjer e s’entr savair sus le galo.
    E si, aneit, od la Rejion, j’om le Carrouje pour un journ, sus l’Academiy du Galo, maezei, j’om le Carrouje pour tourjous."

November 16th, 2016 :      Our website already changes, have a look at our new version with a simplified navigation!

    The same content, organised differently : 

November 10th, 2016 :     The Academy of Gallo launches its new project, called the "Carrouje".

    The Carrouje is a forum dedicated to Gallo, its speakers and all regional language passionates.

    We want it to be "a crossroads of everyone's ideas", as our co-founder Patrik explains it in the introduction, where users will discuss and help each other on topics such as etymology, neologism or translation.

    It is available in French and Gallo: just ask to get your login details.

October 16th, 2016 :     The Academy of Gallo is one month old!

October 15th, 2016 :     School of Gallo, a new available thematic dictionary

October 05th, 2016 :     Listen to Patrik's radio interview on PLUM FM

where he explains the Academy of Gallo in Gallo and French !

(début à 12')

September 30th, 2016:     the Academy of Gallo is now a Twin Initiative of the Digital Language Diversity Project!

     The Digital Language Diversity Project (DLDP) is a European Erasmus+ project whose mission is to "advance the sustainability of Europe’s regional and minority languages in the digital world".

    They are already assessing the digital fitness of 4 regional languages, including Breton: in the near future we hope to replicate this study together for Gallo.

September 27th, 2016:     the French TV channel France3 Bretagne presents the Academy of Gallo in its 7 p.m. News

    Thank you Eric Pinault for your encouragements and kind words!

(start: 10:30)

16-21 sectembr 2016 :     ;dés a démarrer, lez vizitouz de l’Academiy du Galo se branchent de toute la Terre !

    Douze payz, la Gouadeloupe en pus (treize nacions !), aotant de langaijes e de qhultures qi sont enhaetaes od le galo etou.

    En vouz remerciant pour avair zunae e pour nouz apoyer e revenez nouz vair tourjous : notr empllac rasserrera du cai en galo e sus le galo regllèment.

September 16th-21st, 2016:      our visitors come from all around the world to visit the brand new Academy of Gallo!

    You come from 12 countries and Guadeloupe (13 nations!) and you represent as many languages and cultures also interested in Gallo.

    Thank you for your curiosity and your support! Remember to come back, our website will regularly feature new content and resources on and about Gallo.

September 16th, 2016:     Official launch of the Academy of Gallo

August 5th, 2016:      The Academy of Gallo is on Twitter   

August 1st, 2016:     The website is created

January-February 2016 :     The logo of the Academy of Gallo is created

January to July 2016:     The Academy of Gallo project comes to life