Academy of Gallo

Taking Stock and Looking Forward: 2019-2020

What We Achieved in 2019

    A regular, and high, publication frequency: 39 publications posted in 2019.

    Our publications concerned:     And we are particularly proud and happy to be able to collaborate with OLEPEI, the new publishing house dedicated to the Gallo: thanks to our linguistic tools, all the vocabulary of the 1st book "Aotant en ramenene Montbran" is present in our trilingual Dictionary.
    You can find some information about this book in "j'en som en éveilh" in Le Carrouje.
    To our knowledge, this is probably the first partnership of its kind in the world of minority language publishing.

42263 visits! Thank you to all of you!     Before closing this report, a very big thank you to all the Internet users in Brittany and around the world who follow and use the services offered by the Academy of Gallo!

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What will come in 2020: the key points

    Our 2020 plan is structured around 5 main areas of activity:
  1. The Little Library
    - Production of original texts in Gallo
    - Launch of a new production "La paije tourney"
    - The coupling with the "Maet a livrs" will be systematized to offer the maximum reading comfort to Internet users.

  2. Dictionaries
        The trilingual Grand Dictionnaire will be continuously enhanced and all translation requests submitted by Internet users will be integrated.

        The dictionary of cities will also be significantly updated both for enrichment and to take into account the municipal elections in 2020.

        Other thematic dictionaries have already been identified but will probably be postponed to 2021 simply because of overloads!

  3. Training in the Gallo language
        The 1st Ecole du Gallo, which was set up very quickly in 2016 and then in 2017 in English to fill a dramatic lack of Gallo training opportunities, has fulfilled its objective and will remain in line with a recovery time with the next version.

        From the first design studies of a Gallo school, we had defined a long-term target for a three-fold scalable architecture:
    • offer different levels of training in Gallo;

    • integrate as many self-training facilities as possible, such as those found in Babbel, Duolingo or other mobile apps;

    • create an open architecture to set up a training school for another language (a minority language of course); the architecture will natively integrate the bilingual English and French display.

        In early 2020, the new Ecole du Gallo will be set up as soon as the migration of lessons from the current school is completed. These lessons will be classified as "Intermediate Level".

        A "Beginner Level" is being produced and will be added as a simple brick in the new Ecole du Gallo.

        And to contribute as effectively as possible to the survival and preservation of the Gallo, the Ecole du Gallo is and will remain free for personal and private use!

  4. "Language tools" Lab
        This area of activity covers all our research and development projects in the fields of Gallo linguistics, training methods and techniques, and also in the technical fields of information technology.

        The language subject is rich and abundant in Upper Britain. Extending the work of Bizeul in the 19th century, many lexicons were created in the 20th century. There are more than a hundred of them today, fairly evenly distributed.
        All this base, we were able to gather and analyze it in order to allow the language to take a new lease of life and reintegrate it into modern life.

        In terms of tools development, our objective is simple: to provide Gallo with any relevant tool or facility to learn and/or enjoy the Gallo culture and/or to use Gallo.

  5. The partnerships

        The partnership actions carried out in 2019 have helped us to define what forms of partnership we could propose and to prepare ourselves concretely for 2020.

        The general objective of our partnerships is to contribute as concretely as possible to the knowledge of minority languages. A project has just been initiated at the end of 2019 and we invite you to discover it soon via le Carrouje.
        The Academy of Gallo thus shows its commitment and solidarity with other minority languages in a concrete, friendly and above all unconstrained way!

        Open to the world and committed to the defence of minority languages, the Academy of Gallo will always keep a privileged place, both in its planning and in its organisation, to welcome any actor who wishes to contribute to the promotion of the Gallo language or its own language: just share our values and our way of working!