Academy of Gallo


Academy of Gallo: Flight Plan

2020 Review & 2021 Plan

     2020 Review & 2021 Plan

2019 Review & 2020 Plan

     2019 Review & 2020 Plan

2018 Review & 2019 Plan
     2018 Review & 2019 Plan

At launch, the 2016/2017 Plan

The School of Gallo will become richer

     We will progressively add to the English version of the School of Gallo.
     We will review and improve the design of some aspects of the website. In particular, we will ensure a better ergonomy for the exercises on mobile devices (tablet and smartphones).

Provide texts to support the School of Gallo lessons

    The objective is to provide short texts on various topics of modern life.
    They will help learners of all levels along their learning journey.

Know where you are: create an evaluation tool

     We want to provide language learners a way to measure their own progress themselves.
    The Academy of Gallo will organise an online evaluation to allow learners to assess their level following the standard scale used for other langages (EU standards).

And other projects...

     that you can discover by joining us and following us . You can also contact us to submit your ideas and suggestions and bring them to life with us!