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L'empllac "Anima Cappiata"

"Anima cappiata" site Presentation

It all started in 2013. At the time, we were just a handful of Corsican authors and authors, dreaming of a virtual publishing space for fiction literature in the form of a blog.

The purpose was initially to give a greater visibility to our texts, while hoping in a second stage that the very existence of such a site would inspire in others the desire to write and reveal in their hearts a vocation that was only waiting for a spark to illuminate itself.

Federì Bernardini created a wonderful site to which I proposed the name Anima Cappiata [literally "Soul Unleashed, or Liberated"], setting the tone from the outset: if it was just another "showcase" to showcase some unpretentious written texts, it was a question of letting go - if I dare say so - in the thirst for creation and in complete freedom (if that word means anything at all).

I'm not afraid to say they were good years.

The emulation worked, at least in part, and to the small initial group were added many talents whose trust never ceases to honour me and who made me spend many pleasant hours reading and rereading their productions.
  They were enriching encounters too, where sometimes the threads of many friendships were woven, while the site accumulated texts over the years and each one continued its path, sometimes even leading to physical publication - several of our authors did indeed publish books.

Today, the site is much quieter than when it was created, but the texts remain. Some times (probably not often enough) in Corsican language, and the rest of the time in French language.

Anima Cappiata remains true to the spirit of its founders, a participative Corsican literary site among many others which proposes and does not stop proposing all kinds of fiction texts without any other ambition than to make the happiness of its readers.

Pedru-Felice Cuneo-Orlanducci
Co-administrator of the Anima Cappiata website