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Vega, a one-year-old Inu Akita, still here with
Timothy Leoncini

24 years old and already a talented author, Timothy has a solid literary and artistic background: literary baccalaureate, student of Performing Arts at the Università Pasquale Paoli in Corte, director of short films and local press correspondent.

If we find his training and experience in the solidity and originality of his texts, his commitments, animator in Association Sève and member of AFC UMANI (Associu pè una Fundazione di Corsica), bring a deep humanity to his stories.

Like many great authors, his very universal stories are deeply imbued with his culture, his Corsican vision of the world.

Timothy also publishes texts and poetry on his blog.

Academy of Gallo - Feb 2020

(photo Manon PERELLI)

Journalist in Aiacciu (Ajaccio in French), his hometown, Eric is a Corsican author who covers a wide range of literary fields.

He is an author who knows how to draw inspiration from media events, seen from the Parisian world, to show with biting humor other human values, a simple humanism.

If his style is attentive and soft as a cat's paw, on the other hand it is just as fast and scratching against injustice.

His short stories, such as "Le grand soir de Martine", "Les barbares" or "L'esprit des lois", show us a Corsican author fully committed, in French and in Corsican, to his country, Corsica.

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator for about ten years, Eric has never stopped this delightfully impertinent art of news cartooning for the weekly press.

From Eric, we'll take this little journalistic formula

"Drawing, short stories, theater, songs... whichever way he chooses to express himself, and as far as he can remember, he's evil-minded."
who, seemingly untouched, paints us a free author and a free spirit!

Académie du Gallo - mars 2020