Le langaije - The Language

The Little Library

    All the texts in The Little Library are published as a courtesy of their authors. We thank them for their kindness, and for contributing to giving Gallo, our langage, a future.
    As these stories aim to strengthen your understanding of Gallo, we do not provide a full translation. Instead you can click on the underlined words or expressions to see their translation, or check the meaning of a word in the Academy’s online dictionary.

    Happy reading!

Istoêre dez payz e dez oumes
   Coltide Vaotier

   Paol Sebilhot

Meliy Fristè, ûne Bertone va-de-son-piet pour s’entr élijer a partaijer

"Meliy Fristè e la charitae simpl e san brut" (BD)

   Jeanne Malivè, ûne grand fighure dez Seizh Breur

   Dom Leccis, un moêne berton den l’Istoêre de Bertaegne

   2017, aney de voteriys

Istoêre de la Bertaegne         

La paije tourney  
    If the translation of a work makes it possible to make another literature and often another culture known, it also enhances the value of the language of translation.

    The Academy of Gallo has therefore chosen to translate a few pages of world-famous works: in doing so, we want to enrich the offer of free online reading in Gallo for all intermediate or advanced learners and assiduous readers.

         Perzentaezon de la Paije Tourney

   Un monde si tant brave de sorte by Aldous HUXLEY

   Gavroche (Lez Miserabls) by Victor HUGO

   Ahoupae a s'assaovaijer by Jack LONDON

   Le Conte de Monte-Cristo by Alexandre DUMAS

   Lez Landes dez Baolants by Emily BRONTË

   Germinal by Emile ZOLA

   Sus lez Routes by Jack KEROUAC



Langaijes e qhultures den le monde         

Ecrivaije corse


Lourz contes

(in La maet a livrs du Carrouje)
  •     from Timothy LEONCINI

  •     from Eric PATRIS

  •     from Marie-Paule DOLOVICI

  •     from Carlu BERNARDINI

  •     from Timothy LEONCINI

  • ...


Sience e tecnologiqe         

Entourn de touz-lez-journs



Contes e istoeres
BD: Vick e Vicky






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