Le langaije - The Language


Gallo, the language of Haute-Bretagne

This summary will be soon the object of more detailed publications.

The "ID card" of Gallo

    Gallo is the Romance language from Haute-Bretagne (see below).

    It is a very old language, much older in fact than French.

    According to experts, a language mixing low Latin, celtic Breton and Gallic was spoken in Haute-Bretagne during the 6th century and Gallo emerged from this fusion.

    French also originated from this fusion as well as from other additions from Romance languages: Gallo can thus be regarded as one of the mother tongues of French!

    Like all the languages in France, Gallo became a minority language and is in danger of extinction.

    In 2004, the Conseil Général de la Bretagne [Regional Council, NdT] officially acknowledged that Gallo and Breton are langages from Brittany.

    Despite this recognition, Gallo remains marginalized and isn't given efforts or investments similar to what has been done for Breton.

    Nevertheless, significant efforts lead us to hope that Gallo will indeed survive and thrive. This website, co-founded by one of the rare Gallo linguists and grammar experts, proves the strong willpower of the Gallo-speaking society to bring its language to the foreground.

Gallo Linguistic Area

map from Marie-Rose
   The historical area where Gallo was spoken is comprised between a line from Plouha to the Rhuys peninsula on the West and approximately up to the border with Normandy, Maine, Anjou and Poitou on the East.

   Like all linguistic regions, its borders remain blurred as all neighbouring languages enrich each other.

A modern language

    A modern language evolves and changes with the world and the society: some words disappear while others are created.

    Like in all the other languages, new words created from its own lexicon or borrowed from foreign languages, enrich Gallo and allow it to name the new realities of the modern world.

    In the colloquial language, word creation is fueled freely by the inventiveness of young people, writers, poets and every one of us. Sometimes these new words get out of fashion quickly, but sometimes they remain among us and find their place in our dictionaries.

    In the technical and scientific domains, word creation is a very different process. Engineers and scientists use several thousands of words and expression with very specific meanings and make up new words each time a concept is invented or a discovery is made.

    The Academy of Gallo's vocation is to contribute to the spread of new, common, words and to create words in whichever fields they will be needed: scientific, technical, professional...