Le langaije - The Language

ERIY and IRIY Endings

    This ending is one of the most symbolic of Gallo.


    The final -y marks a longer sound and is found in ey and iy endings:

      adirey,  terouey,  separtiy


    The -eriy ending (or -iriy) defines a rough estimate
  • generic
    abeyer       abeyeriy
    (to bark)   (barking)

    baire       bairiy
    (to drink)   (libation)

    leire       leiriy
    (to read)   (reading)
  • collective to show "all which is connected to" or "all which is contained in"
    buroteriy   (office equipment)

    ordrinanderiy   (computing)

    farmaceriy   (pharmacy)

    maereriy   (town hall)


    If built on a derogatory idea, it strengthens the negative meaning. In this case, it often takes the plural.
lez veilheriys   (old fashioned things, old stuff)

lez bobiasseriys   (nonsense)


    The -iy ending shows a state for feminine nouns.
maladiy   (illness)

roujiy   (sunburn)


         Write the -riy or -eriy derivatives from the verb or the name given in brackets

1 - den le courtiù, y a qheuqe (qhuedr) a faere come lez petits pais, lez cornichons ou ben lez gerneoêzelles.
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2 - le monde s'entr rigolaent, ça fezaet dez bones (rire)
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3 - j'ae dit ma (sonjer) : je sae pas si ol fera son chemin
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4 - lez pourciaos sont a faere de la (revunjer) den le boulhon
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5 - toutes tez veilhes hardes-ilae, c'ét pus ghere qe de la (pilhot)
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6 - lez mouches q'areytent pas de vezouner : qheu (vezouner) !
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7 - l'ivern c'ét la boune saezon pour lez (jouer) de cartes
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8 - ol n'n a ben de l'ouvraije od toute sa (garçalhe).
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9 - tout le temp de la (fener), j'om zeù du deul a durer od la chalour.
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10 - Je m'en vaz. A la (revair) !
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