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Online Multilingual Gallo Dictionary         

    When we created the School of Gallo we included a Dictionary Section with a simple French-Gallo dictionary for most of the vocabulary of the lessons.

    This project aims to create a Great Gallo Dictionary, and to complement it with tools to integrate it fully with the rest of the Academy of Gallo.
    Theme-based texts published in the Little Library of the Academy will show the vocabulary in context, and all current and future learning tools will be gathered in the Dictionary Section of the School of Gallo.
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    Help us define the features of our Great Gallo Dictionary:

Translation Gallo to/from another language     To start with, the dictionary will provide translations between Gallo and French as well as English.

    Nevertheless, we would be happy to open the Dictionary to your langage. That also means we would need your help of course!
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- an example of conjugation for verbs:   

- if possible, illustration of the Gallo word  

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