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The Konjugator

    Many Gallo verbs have local variants. This tool is a quick writing aid, so it only takes one form into account.
    The rolling lists are long! In order to get to your verb quickly, open the list and enter the first letter(s) of your verb.
    The virtual keyboard of some smartphones and tablets does not automatically activate: the button "Show" allows to reach the first verb starting with the letter you entered.

The Konjugator
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Group 0: Verbs and auxiliary verbs

1st regular group -er    2nd irregular group -er      3rd regular group -ir      4th irregular group
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Gallo Tenses:
Indicatif: Présent   Imparfait   Passé simple   Futur  

Conditionnel: Présent  

Subjonctif: Présent  

Participes: Participe présent   Participe passé