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    ALBRAM: The Linguistic and ethnological Atlas

of Roman Brittany, Anjou and Maine


Many thanks to the Breton publisher LABEL LN who chose the Academy of Gallo to offer Internet users the free reading of a book of capital importance for the linguistics of Gallo!

In line with the publisher's approach, we have opted for an adapted layout in order to facilitate reading for the greatest number of people while respecting the original presentation of researchers in linguistics.

In order to support a small publisher attached to Gallo, we invite you to find on his website other books very specific to the subject of Brittany!

The CNRS Linguistic Atlas    The CNRS Linguistic Atlas Project

The ALBRAM Projects
▪  The Authors of the ALBRAM project within the CNRS

    L'abbé Gabriel GUILLAUME

▪  The Project of the publisher LABEL LN

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▪  The ALBRAM Project


Any reproduction of the images, in any form whatsoever, is strictly forbidden, including in the form of indexing (links) from a third party site.

The maps are reproductions of the in-plano originals: for better reading comfort, each map is displayed in an enlarged view with scroll bars.

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Volume 1 : Flora    

Tome 2 : Flora - Land - Weather - House